Decorative Concrete Pool Decks Services


Pool decks by G2 Decorative Concrete are beautiful! Our pool deck finishes can be applied on new or existing concrete with no need for tear out. Our pool deck finishes can be overlayed over damaged concrete or new, we also apply many types of spray textures and patterns making your pool a show piece.

Understand that our pool deck finishes are not simply a paint or sealer. Our finishes are a time tested polymer cement that chemically bonds to your concrete becoming one with the concrete and permanent. Our pool decks are UV resistant, weather proof and provide anti-skid protection. These finishes provide protection against staining, pool chemicals and can be used outdoors and indoors providing a lifetime of beauty.

G2 Decorative Concrete’s pool deck coatings are applied at a rate of 1/16” up to ¼” and we can create virtually any pattern you desire from tile patterns, brick patterns, stone, slate, wood planks etc. Our products are strong enough for commercial pool decks as well and are stronger than conventional concrete!

Tired of that pea gravel that is hard to clean and tears up your feet?! Don’t worry we can go right over it in most cases with no tear out creating a new and functional pool deck.

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